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     I'm normally quite a picky person. But even I couldn't fault the house cleaning service delivered by Hook Carpet Cleaning. It was professional and thorough. I spoke to the team beforehand, pointed out the problem areas, and this cleaning crew tackled them all without any problems, seemingly with ease. I just loved their approach to the jobs at hand. They were a courteous team too, making it a pleasure to have them working in my house. A great company.
Kimberly W19/05/2020
     For end of tenancy cleaning, there's no better company. They leave things even cleaner than they found them every time!
Chester Flowers20/09/2019
     I've used Carpet Cleaner Hook a few times. I've never had any issues with this cleaning company.
D. Marvin27/04/2018
     I am thrilled with the service from Carpet Cleaning Company Hook, their rug cleaning service was a real money saver after we had a party, they managed to restore it to its former glory. Thanks to the team.
Theresa Daily13/12/2017
     If you are on a budget (I am!!!) then I suggest contacting Carpet Cleaning Service Hook to help with your office cleaning, or small business! They are the best value for the money because their cleaners work very hard! They are truly the only company I'll work with from now on!
Sophia F.28/07/2017
     I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Carpet Cleaning Company Hook to anyone and everyone in need of good cleaners and will definitely be hiring them again myself. I truly believe that they're a company unlike any other due to their quality customer service combined with very low prices. A great company!
     I was very impressed with the staff of Hook Carpet Cleaning. I hired them to help me clean my rugs and mats and they excelled in the chore. The cleaners arrived at a time convenient for me and they were already equipped with everything they needed. They applied their skill and knowledge to the task, so they could safely wash each rug without damaging it. They were friendly and cooperative, so I got the perfect cleaning experience. The job was done in a few hours and my rugs are now cleaner than ever. A fine service.
Annie Johns27/05/2015
     Amazed that more people don't know about these guys, feel they're one of the area's best kept secrets. It was a long while since I'd had cause to hire in some cleaners, but a friend of my was enjoying their services and said that I should be giving HookCarpetCleaners a call to see what they could do for me. Well, after a bit of pestering I did and now I don't think I could go back. I like how clean everything is and I like how much extra time I have. It's really rather excellent all round.
Jimmie Daniels07/01/2015
     Our home was struggling to find the best kind of help but that was until we got given the details for HookCarpetCleaners. None of the people in the home are particularly fond of cleaning, but we all manage to pull our weight every now and again and do enough to get by. It was such a relief to come home to a properly cleaned kitchen and making dinner was a dream. The difference they've made - we all agreed - was well worth the relatively low price and I've definitely pay double to get this kind of service in the home.
Clarence Hernandez04/06/2014
     Since I've had my hip replacement I've struggled with household chores and this has really gotten me down lately. I happen to spot an advert for HookCarpetCleaners so thought why not try them out. I was so pleased that I did, they have worked wonders in my home and I'm so pleased with the results. I feel stress free again now, I can relax in my home and I no longer have to worry about not being physically able to do these chores. I shall be sticking with this company for a long time and I'd recommend them to anyone who is struggling like I was.
Belinda M.08/05/2014
     As a business owner, I know the importance of having a good cleaner, and that is why I use HookCarpetCleaners in all of my warehouses. They have always been reliable and great value for money. In some situations, there are many ways in which a cleaning company can let you down, as you trust them with a lot. However, this lot have never given me any reason to complain, and I am very glad to recommend them to everyone out there who may need to get their office, home or warehouse cleaned on the regular.
Joyce M.07/01/2014

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